BRITE Energy Innovators

BRITE Future: Looking Ahead

2019 was a milestone year for BRITE Energy Innovators. According to our annual report, BRITE – through its portfolio companies – created 192 jobs, generated $21 million in revenue and attracted $78 million in investment. Organizationally, BRITE added staff, doubled the number of energy-tech portfolio companies served and increased media engagement five-fold. Some other highlights from the year include the following:

BRITE will continue this momentum in 2020 and is committed to increasing one-on-one time dedicated to supporting founders through mentorship, research and other tools. Given COVID-19, BRITE’s strategy is evolving with more online content and other engagement strategies. Staff is working diligently to provide useful content and training such as online meetups and pitch training.

Interested in supporting BRITE’s mission of empowering energy-tech founders? Here are some ways you can help us:

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