BRITEhack 2021

About BRITEhack

BRITEhack is an energy-focused civic hackathon, where we invite talented individuals to make an impact for a meaningful organization in our community by solving a challenge they face. While the intention is to act out of civic goodwill, teams with the best solutions receive a prize for their efforts! This year’s event will take place virtually!


You can register for 2021 BRITEhack on Eventbrite, using the button below.

The Problem Statement

Trumbull Family Fitness faces drastic energy costs due to dated electrical equipment. TFF needs your help creating a strategic plan to update & improve their equipment, which will enhance their sustainability. Join 2021 BRITEhack to solve the problem & make a difference.

What is a Hackathon?

Hackathons are an efficient, low risk, low cost way to encourage innovation, catalyze startups and engage talent. They present the perfect opportunity to foster innovation in the smart energy sector and initiate positive change in the community.

What makes BRITEhack different?

Most hackathons focus on a product (either a hardware or software solution) being developed by the end of the event. BRITEhack instead focuses on setting forth in motion an actionable, realistic plan that gives an organization a strategy for improvement in one of the areas of technology we focus on supporting.

Who Should Join BRITEhack?

Anyone with an idea, a solution or a desire to create a positive impact is welcome to join us. BRITEhack is an excellent opportunity for engineers, developers, project managers and hackers & DIYers to showcase their talents.

Participants in the challenge will complete a brief questionnaire during the registration process that will allow us to place them on a balanced team based on their experience, skillset and technical & educational backgrounds.

The Timeline

Team Formation: January 22 

BRITEhack: January 29 from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

The Process

Before BRITEhack starts, you will get the chance to connect with your teammates, share ideas and conduct your own research based on the materials for the challenge provided beforehand. On the day of BRITEhack, you and your team will receive more details about the challenge and the criteria for your proposal.

The Event Format

Due to the ongoing pandemic, 2021 BRITEhack is completely virtual. If a virtual format presents any difficulties for your participation, we encourage you to reach out to Daniel Sylak, Marketing & Events Specialist via or 330.395.3500 ext. 4 to discuss additional options. Everyone who wants to participate is encouraged to do so!

You will receive instructions to join the event after teams are selected. We plan to use Discord and Zoom for the event. On Zoom you will receive a briefing from the BRITE staff and you’ll be able to talk to technical advisors for the project. On Discord you can network with other participants and work with your team throughout the day. You may also use other platforms of your choice to work with your team. 

Over the course of the day, using details of the challenge and additional information about TFF, you and your team will create a proposal. When proposals are finished at the end of the day, you will pitch it to the judges and it will be judged live! 

One of the winning solutions selected by the judges may be implemented and the winning teams will receive a prize of as much as $1,000!

The Prizes

Our panel of judges include a leader from Trumbull Family Fitness, representatives from our partners and BRITE’s own CTO, Bill Whittenberger. The judges will analyze teams’ proposals to decide who best addressed the challenge at hand. The teams they pick as winners will walk away with a total of $2021 in cash prizes!


If you have any questions about the event, you can call Daniel Sylak, Marketing & Events Specialist at 330.395.3500 or email him at