What We’re Reading: Energy Tech Edition

During this period where travelling and hanging out with your friends is not really an option, most people have found other ways to stay busy at home, such as reading. A few people from our staff would like to share the energy tech articles they have been reading recently while they’ve been hard at work from […]

Our Team’s Essentials for Working From Home

Since all of us BRITE People are working from home (WFH) for the time being, we thought we’d compile a list of our WFH Essentials… and a few things that are keeping us sane during this time apart. Note: BRITE and its staff will not benefit from purchases made from any of the following links. […]

An Interview with our CEO

Written for Nonprofit Leadership Course at Youngstown State University  Thoughts on incubators and startups from a President & CEO A bit about the organization, and the author – BRITE Energy Innovators, previously known as TBEIC, is a nonprofit business incubator that specializes in energy and technology firms. BRITE is the only energy-focused incubator in the […]

Day 2 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

I always say we need to focus on curtailing the Mahoning Valley’s greatest export: talented young people. Well, today this topic was really brought home for me. I met no less than fifteen people who saw my Warren, Ohio shirt and said “Warren, that’s awesome! I’m from (insert town in the Mahoning Valley) but I […]

Day 1 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

Day 1 of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) was one for the books. I got to see a lot of cool & innovative products and make some great connections for our community.   Day 1 Highlights   Rivian’s truck featuring Amazon Alexa integration, the R1T, is very cool. It serves as an indicator that the electrification of trucks is extremely critical as […]

BRITE at the Consumer Electronics Show

As President and CEO of BRITE Energy Innovators I consider myself lucky every day. I see our organization as a movement of small movements and my hopes lie in the fact that each one of those movements lead to a more prosperous City of Warren, Trumbull County, Mahoning Valley, State of Ohio and Nation in […]

How to be the Smartest Person in the Room

Advice for Energy Storage Novices Energy storage is new to me. Occasionally when people ask about my interest and background in energy I can say a few quick anecdotes so that I’m not completely dismissed. I’ve taken more courses than what is godly reasonable on environmental land use law so I know a lot about […]

My Startup Scaleup 2019 Experience

On June 19th I had the pleasure of attending A Poolside Chat with Tiara Thurston from Tesla at Jumpstart’s Startup Scaleup in Cleveland. The interview was conducted by Rick Stockburger, TBEIC’s own President and CEO. As an engineer, I was amazed by the technical solutions for electric cars and charging infrastructure and home power offered by Tesla. They have a great plan. […]