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Columbus Startup joins Energy Tech Incubator’s Portfolio

Columbus-based NODIS is the newest addition to BRITE’s portfolio of companies.

 WARREN, OHIO – September 18, 2020 BRITE Energy Innovators is proud to announce a new addition to its portfolio of companies. Columbus-based NODIS is a leading company in the development of smart glass technologies, windows that electrically control tint, color and infrared, to increase building efficiency and enable new capabilities to windows utilizing its TruTint smart glass. 

NODIS, which was founded in Singapore in 2014, relocated to Columbus earlier this year after determining it was the ideal place to build out and scale their operations. In addition to investing in the city of Columbus and developing its key operations teams, NODIS is planning to complete a manufacturing facility where it will employ up to 25 high-tech jobs. In addition to its TruTint windows, NODIS is working on developing photovoltaic smart glass glass that will capture energy from the sun much like a solar panel and also set tint, color and heat (infrared) electrically. 

Nodis was founded by Dr. Sergey Shokhor, CEO and Mike Holt. “As founders, we came together to focus our nanoparticle display team on making buildings efficient and reducing CO2 emissions with our smart glass,” said Holt. NODIS’ team has deep experience in nanoparticle-based display and smart window technology. Nodis includes PhD researchers in optics, physics and chemistry. “Our experience previous running large advanced materials business and as part of a NASDAQ listed display technology company has given us the capabilities to deliver on the large volume opportunity that Nodis is addressing,” said Holt. 

BRITE opted to work with NODIS after learning more about their operations and seeing their potential for success. “Smart glass is really cool technology that’s key to improving building efficiency. Outside of energy efficiency it has many other uses and, after learning about the product NODIS has developed, our team is really excited to help them scale and commercialize,” noted BRITE CEO Rick Stockburger of the partnership’s potential. 


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About BRITE: BRITE Energy Innovators is powering the future of energy in Ohio. We have assisted nearly 500 New Energy tech startups with mentorship, funding assistance and over $135 million in investor connections. As the state’s only energy incubator, we empower founders to launch energy technology solutions. By fusing experienced entrepreneurs in residence, advanced equipment in the BRITE Energy Labs and community coworking spaces in Warren, we’re creating opportunities for all Ohioans. 

About NODIS: Founded in Singapore in 2014, NODIS’ TruTint smart glass technology is transforming windows, giving people the ability to change the tint, color, and temperature characteristics of windows instantly. NODIS provides glass companies with the technology to transform their glass into a smart glass with the only color, tint, and infrared switchable smart glass technology. 


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