Entrepreneur Services

Entrepreneur Services provide early stage and growing energy technology clients access to a network of resources including mentors, one-on-one consulting, and other tools such as assessments. BRITE leverages its expertise and network to best accommodate clients through business development from ideation and development to launch and acceleration. Clients engage in an onboarding process and regular milestone-setting meetings that allow clients further access to potential first customers and investors. BRITE does not take equity for its services. 

“BRITE is the best resource in Ohio for startups in the energy space.”


BRITE’s industry strengths are energy storage, grid resiliency and e-mobility. BRITE also serves clients in the following industries: Solar, Wind and Other Power Generation – Biofuels and Biomaterials – Energy Efficiency and Management – Lighting – Waste and Recycling – Water and Wastewater – Advanced Materials – Environmental Services – Emissions Market and Controls – Internet of Things 

“BRITE is welcoming and helpful. They’ve made good introductions and included us in events to increase our exposure to the electric utility market.”


Entrepreneur services include the following: 

Ideation Stage: 

  • Articulating your Concept 
  • Validating your Market Opportunity 
  • Preparing your Value Proposition 
  • Building a Model Canvas 
  • Reviewing Problem Statements 
  • Forming Incorporating Documents 
  • Defining Primary Use Cases 

Development Stage: 

  • Designing your Product or Service 
  • Creating your Go-to-Market Strategy 
  • Reviewing your Website and Social Media 
  • Outlining your Sales Funnel 
  • Refining your Executive Summary 
  • Perfecting your Pitch Deck 
  • Documenting your Product Roadmap 
  • Determining Your Minimum Viable Product 
  • Assessing your Financial Model 

Launch Stage: 

  • Deploying Pilots 
  • Building your Sales Funnel 
  • Customizing your Customer Success Plan 
  • Identifying and Targeting Investors 
  • Developing Key Performance Indicators 
  • Setting your Work Culture 

Acceleration Stage: 

  • Making Product or Service Enhancements 
  • Acquiring Customers 
  • Acquiring Talent 
  • Expanding Sales and Marketing 
  • Planning your Exit Strategy 
  • Reviewing and Refining Development & Launch Documents 

“BRITE has been essential in launching our business plan and product and getting startup capital. They support growth for commercialization spinouts.”