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BRITEside Chat -November

BRITEside chat is an opportunity for our entrepreneurial family to get together. Here, we practice our elevator pitches, share updates & triumphs, and, most of all, we seek to grow & learn together.

Join Jay Warmke as he discusses Solar Energy.

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The electrical grid in this country has essentially remained unchanged since the days of Thomas Edison. There have been technical upgrades, to be sure, but the basic concepts and technologies have remained constant. All that is about to change.

In the 1990s to early 2000s, we saw the telecommunications industry transform from “Plain Old Telephone” with a wired handset connected to Ma Bell’s switched – to a wireless platform of many players where voice is just one small data application on a globally interconnected network. Nobody could have envisioned Google or Facebook or the social and political implications of social media at the start of this transition.

Well, the electrical grid is about to change in ways as or more profound than anyone can imagine. We are rapidly moving towards distributed energy systems where the very idea of a utility becomes blurred. Virtual power plants and virtual utilities will become common. The integration of electric vehicles as power sources, the reality of the internet of things communicating over power lines, artificial intelligence driving our power systems… a power system dominated by almost free solar energy.

The cost of solar energy has fallen dramatically over the past several decades and will continue to fall. We are in the “floppy disk” age of solar. The next several decades are going to be exciting and disruptive – filled with amazing innovation and unintended consequences.


Jay Warmke Co-Owner, Blue Rock Station, LLC

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