BRITEside Chat with Sue Yang

What is a BRITEside Chat?

Put simply, it’s kind of like the fireside chats you’re used to going to at a conference. But it’s so much more. It’s an opportunity for our entrepreneurial family to get together. Here, we practice our elevator pitches, share updates & triumphs and, most of all, we seek to grow & learn together. In fact, that last one is why we invited you here!

What You can Expect

Every BRITEside Chat starts with an elevator pitch: yours. Give us your best 60 second introduction and help us all understand what makes you special. Next, your BRITE host will introduce the week’s guest speaker. Our speaker will bring their knowledge and expertise to you and share their outlook on how it shapes and affects entrepreneurship as we know it.

Our guest will field your toughest questions (so be ready to brainstorm!) before our host rounds out the discussion by picking your brain, asking about your triumphs and tribulations and wishing you well until next week. We’re building a platform to encourage our fellow entrepreneurs to learn, grow and create, so please share your ideas and come ready to talk, but please give others the time and space to do the same.

What You shouldn’t Expect

This is not an opportunity for someone to sell you something and vice versa. We would all love to hear what you’ve been working on but no one enjoys being sold to at a networking event. If you would like to make a tailored pitch to our speaker, invite them to connect with you outside of our BRITEside Chat.

Please do not disclose any private information you don’t want your fellow entrepreneurs to know. We’re trying to get to know more about each other’s business and will try to respect each other’s business practices, but we can’t allot time in the agenda to sign NDA’s.


Dec 10 2020



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