Cleveland Technology Social at Terrestrial Brewing Co.



What is This?
Cleveland tech/startup community: we missed you! Join us for casual networking and re-connecting with your fellow humans, accompanied by some of the finest beverages this city has to offer! No big agenda, no KPIs, just community members re-building community the old fashioned way.

About the Organizers:
This is a 100% community-led event, which means a few people got together and decided to organize something to get us back together in person. This also means that we’re totally going rogue: no organizations, no sponsors, andddd no official space rental. 🙂

This means we will be sharing the space with the public, and we’re all ready to cover our own bar tabs (but if you’re feeling generous and would like to buy a beverage for another human, we’d love that!).

Who’s This For?
All those involved in or interested in meeting others from the local tech/startup community are welcome. No exclusions!

What Should I Bring?
A positive attitude and excitement for seeing some familiar faces and meeting new ones.

What Shouldn’t I Bring?
(1) Your sales pitch. We’re here to learn what we’ve all been up to the past few years and build genuine connections, not sell stuff (this time). We’re sure there are other events for that. 🙂
(2) Your complaints. We all know there’s work to be done in the community, but we’re in this together. Positive vibes only plz.

Anything Else?
Just a reminder that while food and drink will be available, it’s on you! Also please be kind to our amazing hosts at Terrestrial who are graciously letting us totally crash their space


Jun 23 2022


5:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Terrestrial Brewing Company
7524 Father Frascati · Cleveland, OH

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