Getting Ready for Sales

How to choose the best sales model, identifying the required technologies, determining the best go-to-market strategy. What you’ll learn:

  • We will plan to discuss the various sales models that an entrepreneur needs to understand in order to effectively navigate outreach.
  • We’ll train on how best to sell when he/she is the only salesperson and also wears all other hats.
  • We’ll discuss technologies that will let the entrepreneur automate certain features while making sure the quality of outreach remains high in their limited “selling” time.
  • We’ll talk about how to prepare to take their sales program from “I have 5 contacts on LinkedIn that I’m going to get meetings with” to “I want to target all decision-makers within 1 hour of my office to try and get my first 20 customers”.



10:00 am - 11:30 am

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