IN2 Lab Grant Application

This grant is provided by Wells Fargo Innovation Incubator (IN2). The grant funds lab testing for clean tech startups affected by COVID-19. The grant covers up to 80% of testing costs in the BRITE Energy Labs, while the remaining 20% is to be covered by the organization performing the testing. To have your testing needs considered for this grant, please fill out the application. Please be descriptive as possible when filling out this form. Your submission will be reviewed by staff for qualification. This grant is offered on a first-come-first-served basis, so apply as soon as possible!

For any questions about this grant or the application, please email Sara at

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    Below is the equipment list of the BRITE Energy Labs.

    Battery Tester, Arbin BT-G-502
    Battery Tester, Arbin BT-2000
    Battery Tester, NHR9200
    Grid Simulator, NHR 9410-24
    Grid Tied Inverter, Princeton GT1B
    Energy Storage Bank (Battery)
    Programmable Load Bank
    Power Analyzer, Keysight PA2203A
    Exhaust Hoods
    Electronic Bench
    Sink, scales, furnace, oven, etc.
    IOT RF Test System
    IOT Battery Life Test System
    Oscilloscope, Keysight MSOX4034A
    Zepyrtronics reflow station
    List of lab equipment