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Intwine Connect: A Silver Lining in the Cloud

WARREN, OHIO – July 21, 2020  Intwine Connect is hiring two IT tech support roles to work out of their office at BRITE Energy Innovators, on Courthouse Square. BRITE is a nonprofit, energy tech business incubator helping early stage companies grow and expand. Intwine Connect and BRITE are proud to see growth during a difficult time in our country and our region.  

With social restrictions and COVID-19, many organizations and businesses have been hit hard.  It has forced many to adapt to a ‘new normal’.  Intwine Connect is one business adapting quickly. When the need for safety monitoring and distance learning increased, Intwine Connect found the proverbial ‘silver lining’ in its cloud-based business. Dave Martin, President and Founder of Intwine Connect noted the advantage his company enjoys in light of the pandemic, “We are uniquely positioned to help advance businesses, small and large, in using technology to keep employees, customers, and students safe. In addition to our safe reopening solutions, our internet connectivity device is helping families and businesses stay connected.”  Intwine Connect’s technology re-focusing has brought growth to the company and it is looking to leverage this growth by bringing jobs to the community.  

Martin recognized the changing landscape quickly, “The headlines led the story, and then our traditional IoT and Telecom customers started spending less.”  As lockdowns were mandated, Martin’s team looked at their core technology and how they could serve people amidst the pandemic.  “First, we looked at distance learning.  Our modems are equipped with cellular service, and a perfect option for families who need to be online but didn’t already have reliable or affordable internet.” Working with school districts and charter schools to help the families in need, Intwine Connect’s smart modem has helped hundreds of families with reliable internet, enabling schoolwork to be completed. Second, as schools, day cares, and restaurants began the planning process to reopen with new protocols, Intwine Connect saw the expensive, manual effort involved in new compliance and reporting.  “We saw that our cloud-based management reporting portal would be easy to help managers who oversee multiple sites or multiple shifts, plus it would make it easier on the frontline crews,” explained Martin.  

When asked about the open positions and what candidates should know, Dave Martin thought for a moment and shared, “We are a very driven team and every person plays a critical role.  I’m excited to add people who have a love of technology, communicate well amongst a team, bring velocity, and know that customer excellence is not optional but is essential.  We are particularly honored to be growing in our Warren-based office.”

Any job seekers with IT device testing or technical support experience are encouraged to apply on LinkedIn:  Job:  Intwine Connect IT Tech Support in Warren, Ohio

For more information: contact Jeff Rockwood, VP of Tech Acceleration at or 330.395.3500 ext. 2.

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