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Project Manager

Britt Corsi

As BRITE’S Project Manager Britt Corsi spearheads the next phase of growth for our entrepreneur programs and member engagement. A businesswoman with a Midas touch, Britt brings ten years of startup experience developing products and operations across software, engineering consultancy, blockchain, and marketing realms. 

Corsi is an entrepreneur herself, having launched EarthXYZ and EarthABC, Inc. Both startup companies worked to unlock climate action at local levels by connecting municipalities and commercial real estate properties with financing opportunities and procurement needs.    

The Cleveland native conceived her first startup solution during FedTech’s NASA Startup Studio. In 2021, Britt presented EarthXYZ at Accelerate, NASA Startup Series, Denver Startup Week, and was a speaker at INSEAD Tech Talk X. In 2022 she presented EarthABC as a semifinalist to GLIDE, NEOSVF, and demonstrated both platforms to NASA and The Department of Energy. 

EarthABC was supported under Jumpstart and BRITE Energy Innovators. 

Prior to that, Britt also worked as Chief Operations Officer at Water Bear Marketing, as Business Manager at ForgeIQ, and as a team member at the startup Ownum, where she served as a solution analyst for a digital total loss product that helped raise more than $7 million in capital for the startup.  She began her journey as Office Manager at Moss Corporation where she honed her skills under executive leadership and helped scale a seven-figure startup well into the eights. 

Outside of BRITE, Britt is civically active in Northeast Ohio as a Cleveland Bridge Builder (CLC) and District Captain for the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). If she is not on a trip or spending time with her yellow lab Hunter, you can find her by following the sun or the laughter in Northeast Ohio.   

Brittany earned her Bachelor of Science degree at Western Governors University.