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Portfolio Manager

Cole Simon

Cole Simon leads regular outreach and engagement with portfolio companies and provide entrepreneurial and innovation services to clients as BRITE’s Portfolio Manager. Cole comes to us as a Venture for America Fellow. With his experience in consulting and scaling small teams, he’s developed an eye for efficiency and improvement. He’s a creative problem solver with the quantitative and interpersonal skills needed to execute in operations and project management roles.

As the third employee at Exponential Impact, Cole built organizational capacity and worked with ten tech startups. He supported founders with weekly business development goals, investor engagement, and customer acquisition, leading to three $1M+ raises. Following the accelerator program, Cole was re-hired to design and launch two new incubator programs for later-stage companies and drive the organization’s COVID response strategy.

On the first consulting team at the Quad Innovation Partnership, Cole developed rigorous research and synthesis skills working on “impossible” problems for community clients, leading to two contract extensions. As the first marketing hire at a B2B software firm, he oversaw a rebranding and doubled the pipeline of new leads thanks to creative, targeted campaigns.