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Nick Frank

Accelerator Manager

Nick Frank

Nick Frank ensures BRITE member companies have the resources they need to succeed. He leverages his experience to continuously improve and identify gaps in BRITE’s service offerings. He joined BRITE because of his passion for entrepreneurship, sustainability and innovation.

Nick holds a B.S. degree in Chemical Engineering from Ohio University and a M.S. in Energy Science from Ulm University.  Additionally, he has experience as an entrepreneur himself, having been a part of several start-up companies, one of which being Li-ion Tamer, where he helped develop and commercialize a lithium-ion battery safety technology in the Utility Energy Storage and Electric Vehicle space. He has served in a myriad of roles, including engineering, business development, and product management.

He lives outside Athens, OH on a 15-acre homestead, where he spends time with his wife and dog. He enjoys his free time building community, gardening, creating furniture, and cooking in his outdoor, wood-fired kitchen.