Empowering founders to launch energy technology solutions.


Venture capital invested $2.8 billion into battery storage, smart grid and energy efficiency companies alone in 2018. This figure is set to grow as the future of energy infrastructure becomes powered by tech. We empower startups by supplying access to our partners, technology, funding and spaces. In turn, we intend to help startups capture a portion of available venture capital so they can solve tomorrow’s energy problems, today.


Our work has enabled:

  • 19 tenant companies to call Courthouse Square, Warren, Ohio home
  • 190+ portfolio companies to innovate and grow since 2012
  • 300+ Ohioans to obtain employment
  • the investment of $60 million in portfolio companies

We intend to enhance our impact by:

  • assisting over 150 new energy startups
  • hosting over 2,500 people at our facility
  • creating ten new energy businesses
  • supporting 20 companies with access to our labs
  • attracting $50 million in capital
  • housing over 100 freelancers and sidehustlers in our coworking space

All before 2024.

Do you want to be a part of our mission? You can power the future here.