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My Startup Scaleup 2019 Experience

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On June 19th I had the pleasure of attending A Poolside Chat with Tiara Thurston from Tesla at Jumpstart’s Startup Scaleup in Cleveland. The interview was conducted by Rick Stockburger, TBEIC’s own President and CEO.

As an engineer, I was amazed by the technical solutions for electric cars and charging infrastructure and home power offered by Tesla. They have a great plan.

As a entrepreneur, I was delighted to hear about the way that Tesla operates their business. I heard a least three key elements: 1) a flat organization, and access to CEO Elon Musk by all, 2) a strong focus by everybody on what the customer wants and needs, and 3) a strong commitment to identifying and solving problems.

We employed this exact formula when creating and operating Catacel Corp. We solved some ridiculously difficult problems, creating a novel catalyst product – Catacel SSR – that disrupts the status quo in hydrogen production, giving customers 25%+ more production from their plants. The business was sold to Johnson Matthey almost 5 years ago, who is using that product to transform their catalyst business and delight their customers. The formula is proven and it works well.

Tesla is using the formula on an even larger scale. I have no doubt that they will be enormously successful, and I would bet the farm on them.

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