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5.2019 Founders Exchange-1
James Hillegas, Sara Daugherty & Bob Jadloski on May 13th, 2019

May’s Founder’s Exchange featured James Hillegas of Ohio Drone, LLC and Bob Jadloski of Aerial Solutions Experts. The number of certified pilots for aerial photography and other uses is expected to more than quadruple over the next four years, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.  At TBEIC, the need for efficient and lightweight fuel cells is a research and development topic area through the mentorship of companies and usage of the Energy Integration Lab for battery testing and connected devices. 

Mr. Hillegas is an engineer by day who recognized the opportunity for unmanned aerial vehicles to monitor and assess infrastructure assets like bridges. Through Ohio Drone, LLC, he develops software solutions for processing imagery as well as builds drones to meet various industry needs. Mr. Jadloski spent a career in IT and is a renowned photographer that became interested in drones for unique footage. His career as “the drone guy” exploded overnight with his publication of an image of Warren’s Courthouse Square at dawn. During the Exchange, questions were raised about growing competition, robotics integration, and many other topics. Mr. Jadloski stressed that he doesn’t fear competition because of the exponential growth of the industry and the need for trainers and pilots. He stressed the need for a better certification program more focused on small UAVs and ethics. Mr. Hillegas brought up the need for patience when starting a business and the need to be adaptive to new markets as they emerge. 

The Founder’s Exchange is a forum for entrepreneurs to share with others on the challenges and triumphs of startups. 

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