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BRITE Portfolio Companies Adapt to COVID-19

Energy tech companies deploy solutions for present need, future commercialization

WARREN, OH – April 30, 2020: Despite the impacts of the novel coronavirus on the State of Ohio and the world economy, three BRITE Energy Innovators portfolio companies are working tirelessly to adapt to COVID-19 and deploy strategic solutions. These solutions – presently available technologies adapted to the needs created by coronavirus – stand to serve as viable products after the crisis is resolved.  

Rick Stockburger, President & CEO of Ohio’s only energy tech incubator, spoke to the ingenuity of the startups: “The startups we serve continuously work hard – and not without cause. We believe the innovative technologies and ideas that have come out of these startups are critical in the effort to adapt to coronavirus”  

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Description automatically generatedMustER is a company formed and led by Darin Hadinger of Pivot Solar Inc.; a central Ohio based solar racking solution company. Recognizing a need for a COVID-19 response solution that is tactical, highly-functional and sustainable, Hadinger assembled a team of partners to conceptualize and design MustER’s eponymous product: a rapidly deployable system addressing the need to treat and quarantine COVID-19 patients in areas lacking adequate medical capacity or healthcare systems to address the disease altogether. Outside of COVID-19 response, the MustER system can be used for a variety of additional applications and disaster response scenario, while the system itself can be purchased and deployed multiple times or used as a service.  

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Description automatically generatedGeneratorWorks, in collaboration with SmartDocMD, applied artificial intelligence in the development of SecurePassDX – a digital risk stratification, survey and triage tool that effectively screens users to identify possible COVID-19 risks. It is powered by SmartDocMD’s clinical algorithms that combine US Center for Disease Control guidelines for risk assessment, patient symptoms and medical comorbidities to identify and help segregate higher risk patients. The product plugs in patient demographics, geolocation, risk factors, illness symptoms, severity and comorbid conditions to be viewed in real time and shared with the CDC and other infectious disease teams. 

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Description automatically generatedSome of Intwine Connect’s most powerful solutions – a 4G LTE internet “failover” services and voice over internet protocol – serve an obvious purpose in mobile health clinics and drive-through testing stations. The technology deployed enables remote access to crucial health care data in the fight against COVID-19 and a method of enhanced, remote communication with patients. Additionally, IC’s 4G LTE failover has enabled workers of all industries and profession access to a fast, and reliable internet connection where continuing to perform their jobs was otherwise impossible.  

About BRITE: Formerly the Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center, BRITE is the State of Ohio’s only energy incubator and it exists to support founders and startups in the energy sector, including advanced materials, energy storage, fuel cells and the Internet of Things. BRITE operates the BRITE Energy Lab, an event venue for the community and co-working space for freelancers and entrepreneurs. It aims to serve as a resource to the community by bringing together bright minds with innovative solutions while creating opportunities for Northeast Ohio. 

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