BRITE Energy Innovators

Requests for Proposals

BRITE seeks a contractor or company to offer daily cleaning and janitorial services to our facility located  at 125 West Market Street in Warren, Ohio. With the tasks below listed on page 5, it is estimated to take  two people, 2-3 hours of daily work (5 days a week) to achieve the duties listed in the SOW. Everyday tasks include trash, cleaning high traffic areas and bathroom cleaning. Other tasks can be incorporated  as the contractor sees fit timewise. A virtual tour of the facility is available at or by  appointment.  

Target Deliverable Schedule 

RFP Open 

March 25th, 2022

Question Period 

March 28th – April 5th, 2022

Proposals Due 

April 8th, 2022


April 11th, 2022


If needed


April 13th, 2022

Scope Begins 

April 18th, 2022

Scope Completed 

December 31st, 2022

Final Project Due: The expected project completion date is December 31st, 2022. After the new year,  we anticipate cleaning hours to go down.


Evaluation Metrics 

BRITE will evaluate proposals based on the following criteria: 

  • Previous experience/past performance history  
  • Projected costs

Submission Requirements 

Bidders must adhere to the following guidelines to be considered: 

  • Proposals must be sent in by April 8th, 2022 
  • Name of Company/Contractor (address, years in business, background, contact information) ● List of names who would be performing janitorial work Per hour rates for contractors performing the work 
  • Estimated time to complete the weekly cleaning tasks 
  • Two cleaning references

Contact Information 

For questions or concerns connected to this RFP, we can be reached at:  

Joe Paloski 

(330) 395-3500 ext 012