Request for Qualifications

Federal Opportunity Services

PROPOSALS DUE BY: March 31st, 2023 with on-going need for qualified respondents

Services Overview

BRITE applies to approximately $15 million in federal funding opportunities annually. The organization seeks a consultant or firm to lead all aspects of federal proposal development with a particular focus on the Department of Commerce, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, National Aeronautics and Space Administration, and National Science Foundation. The purpose of this solicitation is to connect to qualified grant and proposal writing professionals that can develop proposals for grants and contracts, guide identification and capture of grants and contracts, and support knowledge and information management around grants and contracts. The qualified respondent(s) may be asked to enter into a consulting agreement with BRITE to provide the above services on an on-going-as-needed basis.

Service Goals

The goals of this relationship include:

  • Consistently submitting to at least $10 million in federal funding annually either directly, as a co-applicant or partner.
  • Maintaining high quality and competitive proposals that increase our success rate (assume 25%).

Scope of Work

In accordance with the to-be-agreed upon engagement terms outlined in the next section, qualified RFQ respondents may be contracted by BRITE to provide services in the following areas:


  • Supporting BRITE in the identification and capture of grant/contract opportunities.
  • Working with BRITE to identify future government grant/contract opportunities.
  • Guiding BRITE to source government and LOIs, proposals and RFPs.
  • Working with BRITE staff pre-solicitation to gain a deep understanding of needs and concerns, assess and strengthen BRITE’s competitive positioning.


  • Outlining and determining proposal content based on proposal requirements.
  • Drafting of BRITE’s proposals, leveraging past proposals and BRITE content knowledge.
  • Coordinating proposal input (when appropriate) from partnering organizations and staff.
  • Comparing draft proposals to scoring rubric to ensure all required elements are addressed.
  • Performing final proposal editing for length, readability, and cohesiveness.


  • Providing responses to questions.
  • Providing guidance on following up and communicating with agencies.


  • Supporting the organization when a co-applicant or outlined partner in a federal proposal.
  • Supporting knowledge and information management around government grants/contracts.
  • Assisting in developing systems for tracking and assessing government grants/contracts opportunities.
  • Assisting in devising strategies for quickly finding examples of standard content for general areas of proposals (e.g., past project/government advisory experience, evaluation experience, etc.).

Budget and Engagement Terms

BRITE is looking to engage one or more qualified respondents under an on-going consulting agreement to provide as-needed services under the aforementioned scope of work. As such, responses to this RFQ should describe the following items:

  • On-going, as-needed availability for the aforementioned scope of work tasks (hours per month).
  • Proposed contracted rate per hour.
  • Other budgetary considerations or terms for engagement.
  • Advanced notice required prior to commencing work.


The RFQ will open on February 24th, 2023. While we are going to keep this RFQ open due to our on-going need for qualified respondents, we would appreciate first responses by March 31st, 2023. Following the initial review of qualified respondents, BRITE may elect to conduct interview or may proceed directly into agreement discussions. BRITE will keep the RFQ open and maintain a live list of qualified respondents.


  • 3+ years of relevant work experience in grant/contract proposal writing preferred.
  • A track record of success in winning or assisting others to win competitive grant proposals.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communications with strong research skills.
  • Knowledge and familiarity with energy technology with a keen

Submission Requirements:

Please provide the following in responding to the submission:

  • Individual/team qualifications and strengths
  • List with at least 3 clients and/or success stories
  • Answers to the preferred budget and engagement terms

Contact Information

For questions or concerns connected to this RFQ, we can be reached at:

Sara Daugherty
(330) 395 3500