Entrepreneurial Services

BRITE is proud to offer entrepreneurial services through Jumpstart, Inc. and Ohio Third Frontier. Our entrepreneurial services are focused on early stage and growing startups developing technology for the energy sector. The goal of such services is to leverage our expertise and knowledge by providing advice which can help startups to further refine their business model. These services include:
• Customer Discovery & Market Validity
• Guidance & Mentorship for Early Stage Startups
• Business Plan Consulting
• IP & Technical Development Assistance
• Pitchdeck Review & Rehearsal
• Fundraising Advice & Investor Network

Innovation Services

Our innovation services give growing companies access to our diverse backgrounds and skillsets applied in hands on consulting and advising. These services include the following:
• Emerging Technology Commercialization
• Strategic Planning & Implementation
• Market Research & Competitive Analysis
• Project Management
• Tech Scouting & Acquisition Analysis
• Market Expansion Assistance

Commercialization Services

Commercialization consists of specialized innovation services making use of the advanced equipment in the BRITE Energy Lab. These are designed to help companies develop their products in an effort to get closer to production, distribution and application. Services include:
• Creating a Viable Business Model
• Pilot Programs for Product
• Get Product to be Viable and Scalable
• Customer Discovery & Market Research

Energy Storage Cluster

BRITE’s membership in the Northeast Ohio Energy Storage Cluster positions us with the ability to utilize a wide range of partnerships to give companies access to resources, find potential applications for their technologies and provide first customer access.

If you are interested in taking advantage of the services BRITE offers to energy tech startups, please apply here.