Jeff Rockwood

Jeff Rockwood serves as an Entrepreneur in Residence for emerging tech companies, as well as a key member of the BRITE management team.  Rockwood loves what he calls “go-to-market velocity” — blending market positioning, voice of the customer, sales, and iterative technology development all with the urgency of time to market and limited funds.  The intensity of new ventures keeps him challenged and always learning.  Rockwood’s deep systems experience usually finds its way into disciplined sales & marketing campaigns to engage early-stage customers and capture the metrics and insights that investors need to see. 

A Case Western Reserve University MBA graduate, Jeff serves on the Weatherhead School of Management Alumni Advisory Council.  He started his career as a software developer with a bachelor’s degree in Information Systems from Cedarville University.  His professional journey has enabled him to serve among major companies (i.e. Progressive, Walgreens, Exelon), various electric utilities, and numerous start-ups, including the lead role on two.  Outside of the marketplace, Jeff enjoys time with his family, faith, international travel, golf, and soccer.

You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn or using the contact us page.