Meet the Team

Our team at BRITE Energy Innovators is made up of hard-working individuals dedicated to the success of startups, entrepreneurs and the community we share. From our staff to our board of directors, BRITE is powered by experienced and committed individuals working tirelessly to fulfill our mission: empower founders to launch energy technology solutions.


Maintenance Supervisor,
Frank Abbott
Technical Specialist,
John Galvin
Chief Morale Officer,
Program Manager,
Joe Paloski

President & CEO,
Rick Stockburger
Chief Innovation Officer,
Ted Theofrastous
Chief Technology Officer,
Bill Whittenberger
Director of Partnerships,
Sara Daugherty
Finance Manager,
Deanna Hamilton
Senior Consultant

Chris Mather
Client Success Manager,
Cole Simon
Marketing & Events Specialist,
Daniel Sylak
Manager of Operations,
Crystal Tiggett

Entrepreneurs in Residence

Entrepreneur in Residence,
Randy Cole
Entrepreneur in Residence,
Jeff Rockwood
Entrepreneur in Residence,
Ben Lachman

Board of Directors

Chairperson: Mr. Mike Hripko, Consultant
Vice Chairperson: Mr. Anthony Trevena, Western Reserve Port Authority
Treasurer: Mr. Stan Feret, Cortland Bank

  • Mr. Djifa Amefia, ClarIT Solutions LLC
  • Mr. Muhammad Ejaz, Ejaz Microelectronics LLC
  • Dr. Albert Green, AMG Consulting Group
  • Mr. Patrick Kelly, FirstEnergy
  • Mr. Sumit Kovoor, Anayaa Hospitality Group
  • Mr. Bill Merkel, NIDEC
  • Mr. John Pogue, Harrington, Hoppe & Mitchell
  • Ms. Anna Siefken, Wilton E. Scott Institute at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Mr. Michael Stacey, KPMG
  • Mr. Philip Walker, Network Solutions Provider

Advisory Board

  • Dr. Max Briggs, NASA Glenn Research Center
  • Ms. Barb Ewing, Youngstown Business Incubator
  • Mr. Doug Franklin, City of Warren
  • Mr. John Lauletta, Exacter Inc.
  • Mr. Rick Leonard, Office of Congressman Tim Ryan OH13

Want to join our team?

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