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Marketing Tips for the Pandemic (and All the Time!)

Last week we sat down with Kat Pestian and Morgan Lasher, partners at Amp Strategy – a branding, communications & marketing firm based in Akron, Ohio. Kat and Morgan had a lot of great ideas on how to handle marketing (especially during the pandemic) and we thought we would pass this information along to you!

Your Message Matters

As technology advances, marketing is a little less complicated than it used to be. There are tools to design great graphics, determine the right audiences & reach them effectively, and it’s more affordable than ever to place ads online. But with these advancements, there’s one aspect of your marketing technology can’t solve just yet: crafting your message. Your message should inspire trust, in your products and your company. Morgan emphasized that the purpose of marketing has shifted over time, and businesses using messages that resonate & build connections with their end users the most will be more successful than businesses whose messages can’t accomplish that.

Find Your SOCO – that’s Single Overarching Communication Objective

Your “Single Overarching Communication Objective” – SOCO for short – is the one thing you say above all else in your marketing efforts. Think of it as a part of your brand promise; your SOCO is kind of important to your marketing message like your mission statement is to your business. The other important thing to remember about your SOCO is that it should be easy to understand for a kindergartner – yes, a kindergartner! Doing this ensures that everyone understands the message of your SOCO, whether they’re a kindergartner or your target market.

Adjusting Your Marketing in Light of the Pandemic

You should continue your marketing efforts, but shift your focus. You don’t want your marketing to come off as tone deaf or ignorant to the present state of the world. The truth is that we are all going through the same crisis surrounding the pandemic, and this is an opportunity to connect to your target market because you understand what they’re going through. You should share your response to the present crisis and attempt to answer any anticipated questions about how the crisis is affecting your business.

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