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Our Team’s Essentials for Working From Home

Since all of us BRITE people are working from home (WFH) for the time being, we thought we’d compile a list of our WFH Essentials… and a few things that are keeping us sane during this time apart.

Note: BRITE and its staff will not benefit from purchases made from any of the following links. These are just items that we LOVE and want to share with you in hopes to improve your WFH experience!

The Team

  1. Microsoft Teams. Prior to remote work, our team relied a lot on Teams to stay connected. Now, it is used DAILY, whether it’s to ask a quick question about a project, do video meetings / conferences, or just check-in with each other.
  2. A daily commitment to get outside! Our team has been especially active during this time, and many of us rely on activities like biking, playing tennis, walking and hiking to avoid going stir-crazy.
  3. A dedicated work space. One obstacle of WFH is the absence of a feeling that you have arrived at work and it’s time to “start” your day. It has helped our team to have dedicated spaces for work and others for rest, so that we can get in the zone when we need to!


  1. Betabrand pants. the perfect pants for when you want to feel together but also want the comfort of your favorite sweatpants. Helps so that you don’t wear said sweatpants two weeks in a row/know your regular pants won’t fit when you finally must go back into the office.
  2. Manatea. good inanimate object to chat with.
  3. Fleece lined crocs. nothing better than talking to your boss with leopard print crocs on. Keep my feet warm and surprisingly good arch support.
  4. Tetraflex Treat ball. critical for keeping your pup entertained during conference calls.


  1. Beats Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earbuds – $250. The Beats Powerbeats Pro are great true wireless earbuds that fit well in most people’s ears. They offer great battery life alongside the included charging case and they sound amazing! I always trust them for making sure I can hear my coworkers and they can hear me on conference calls.
  2. Trade Coffee Subscription – ~$15-$22/bag. Trade’s coffee subscription is great for making sure you always have great coffee in the house. A variety of specialty coffees are featured, and you answer a series of questions to make sure you end up with a coffee you love. Deliveries are flexible with options varying from every week to every three weeks – absolutely the best way to get specialty coffee delivered to your door!
  3. Bon Appétit – FREE. There is no such thing as a “traditional workday” when you’re in isolation, so there’s no reason NOT to treat yourself to a tasty meal in the middle of the day! Aside from providing what is likely a much-needed break, now more than ever you need to take care of yourself, and for me there isn’t any better way than to cook a meal for myself. Even when I don’t feel like cooking, watching Bon Appétit’s cooking videos like Gourmet Makes (or any cooking videos for that matter!) is relaxing and enjoyable.


  1. Podcasts. Nothing pairs better with the monotony of organizing digital files than a good podcast! Some of my personal favorites include:
    • Killer Queens and A Date with Dateline, both for true crime done in a light-hearted way.
    • NPR’s Ask Me Another is great for all your nerdy and punny quiz show needs! The station’s Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me! Is a close runner-up.
  2. Pour-Over Coffee Maker & Locally Roasted Coffee Beans. A month and a half into WFH and my morning commute has been replaced by my coffee routine. I’m not above the convenient use of a Keurig and will still use it on days when I need a quick cup of joe… but making a pour-over coffee feels like a daily act of self-care. And you can support your favorite local coffee shop by sourcing your coffee beans from them!
  3. Art. I often joke that my happiness at any given time is directly related to how many projects I am working on. I have been a painter and hand-letterer for a while now but have more recently begun to experiment with digital mediums and woodworking. My latest project was building a jewelry stand for myself!


  1. 3D printer & 3D printer filament. You can print anything you need with a 3D printer. If you need a part or are bored and want something new to mess around with, a 3D printer can more likely than not give you what you want.
  2. Cat. Because everyone needs a fury friend to play and cuddle with on those bad weather days!
  3. My gaming PC. Gaming used to be a large part of my life. Although when college began, I slowed down gaming by probably about 80%. But now with being stuck in my house, I’ve gotten back into gaming with a bunch of my friends.
  4. My creative mind. I do a ton of creative projects to keep my mind busy. My current project is 3D printing a CNC machine so I can create PCB board prototypes. After that is done, I’ll be making an LED strip controller for my friend’s and my vehicles. I also have other side projects I am doing in case I need something to do if I’m waiting on another project part or 3D print.


  1. Transportable hot spot. good for working outside/ changing scenery around the house without sacrificing connection.
  2. Amazon Fire Stick. On demand TV with no commercials! Plus, you can control what you are watching for timed breaks.
  3. Keurig. Sometimes you need a coffee, or a hot chocolate, or just a glass of hot water/ tea to get you through the day!
  4. Staying active with use of a Squat Rack, Yoga, and Qi Gong.
    • Squat Rack: A workout routine helps keep structure and diversify your day. Plus exhausting your physical body will help you sleep. 
    • Yoga and Qi Gong: Most people know what yoga is. Qi gong (aka Chi Gong) is a system of exercises that is intended to cultivate health in the body. It involves breathe work paired with movement and stimulates different aspects of the body to improve/ maintain physical health. This can include organ massage, range of motion and flexibility exercises, and rhythmic patterns to help your body flush toxins.


  1. Americana Spotify Playlist
  2. Shelton Henry Williams Stockburger the IV at my feet (but the whole world calls him a black lab named Hank).
  3. The sound of my kids playing (or fighting) in the backyard. 


Keeping a soccer ball nearby to help keep my legs active when I am getting a lot fewer steps than I normally would during the work day.

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