BRITEnetwork Introduces Companies to Funding Sources

BRITEnetwork logo

WARREN, Ohio – Rick Stockburger, president and CEO of Brite Energy Innovators, says it’s important to reach out to small- as well as medium-size companies to place them in a position to harness as much funding as possible. Such is the idea of building the Brite Network, an effort underway at the incubator to engage […]

Energy Incubator is a BRITE Spark for Voltage Valley

BRITE CEO smiling at BRITE

WARREN, Ohio – Rick Stockburger is a man constantly on the move these days. Three weeks ago he was in Washington, D.C., as a member of the board of the Clean Tech Incubator Coalition. In mid-March, he’s expected to deliver a talk at the InterBattery conference in Seoul, South Korea. Then, it’s back to Washington […]

EV Batteries Find New Purpose On and Off the Grid

Automatic EV charging technology developed by a BRITE startup

Automakers, utilities and cleantech companies are giving old batteries new life in ESSs, mobile charging stations and more. Electric vehicle (EV) batteries have an expiration date, but just because they can’t power your car anymore doesn’t mean they have to power down for good. Second-life batteries are an emerging business opportunity and potential boon for […]