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BRITEnetwork is the fastest growing network of businesses and communities seeking the competitive advantage through the current “energy revolution,” the biggest economic transition in history.

Innovation, Insight, Impact.

Within the BRITEnetwork, participating members gain curated access to the technologies, people, funding opportunities and real-time resources that will empower them to successfully navigate their strategic and economic futures.

Everyone in this ecosystem plays a part.

The overarching benefit for all members is connectivity to each other, along with industry and thought leaders and curated resources, drastically reducing amount of time and cost they would have to invest on their own.

Those seeking to acquire and/or adopt emerging energy technologies, to advance ESG programs or other decarbonization strategies, or seeking knowledge of funding and incentive opportunities.

Academic organizations seeking and promoting opportunities for their energy tech related programs.

Nonprofits seeking insight, alignment and strategic partnerships.

Community organizations advancing EV, mobility and other energy initiatives.

Investors seeking investment opportunities in energy tech and innovation.

Startups and energy tech innovators seeking exposure, insight and opportunity.

"There is only upside working with BRITE. I can't find another program that delivers the same value."
Ryan McManus
CEO, SHARE Mobility

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