For Startups

BRITE elevate


Sharpen Your Strategy • Identify Your Targets • Define Your Needs

For BRITEbase graduates or qualifying members, BRITE Elevate is the sharpening stone for funding and strategic readiness. Participants will enter a customized program that pairs them with specific industry experts and fine tunes their business roadmaps while aligning them with key funding and industry opportunities that will advance them forward. Using hands-on mentoring and customized program and resource support, Elevate closes both the distance and timeline between strategic development and successful industry engagement. 

Customized, Self-Paced

  • COMPANY & COMMUNICATION STRATEGY: Are you ready to engage your audience? Is your company’s mission and message defined and ready to go to bat? Fine tune your business basics (team, commitment, mission, vision, value, etc.).
  • BUSINESS MODEL: Refine your business model to resonate with capital and strategic industry partners. 
  • FUNDING STRATEGY: Have you Identified your specific funding targets and milestones? Organize your goals and timeline into a cohesive financial forecast.
  • PRODUCT ROADMAP: Dig deeper into your roadmap readiness, testing, manufacturing, scaling, IP protection and patents.
  • LANDSCAPE & GO-TO-MARKET: Cross the T’s and dot the I’s of market readiness with a better understanding of competitors, market opportunity and milestones.
  • PITCH: Run your pitch and pitch deck through the refining fire working with seasoned professionals. 
  • TOOLBOX: Do you have the materials and resources that you need to move forward? What materials and support resources will you need?