Our BRITEascent program is carefully crafted to serve as the final stepping stone before embarking on your fundraising journey. With our expert guidance and comprehensive support, you’ll gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to navigate the complex world of startup fundraising.


Get ready to raise.

8-week deep dive

Typical program length is 8 weeks, with an option to follow up with our team after program conclusion.

Fundraising best practices

Learn from seasoned professionals on how to navigate the funding landscape.

Pre-funding Stage

For startups ready to start raising their round.


Narrative & Raise Review

Deliver your pitch in an investor-focused style, honing your ability to captivate potential backers. Receive expert pitch feedback so you can refine your narrative to perfection. Then, we will perform a comprehensive raise review, delving into critical aspects such as terms, structure, and optimal use of funds.

Deep Dive

In this segment, we will focus on critical aspects of your business plans. You'll dive into the technical details, the financial model, and other critical aspects, while our expert team guides you through the process. We identify and discuss any major shortfalls or lack of specificity, ensuring that your business is well-prepared to face the challenges of fundraising.

Due Diligence

Next, we will work with you to compile a credible data room. We will review existing documents and offer guidance on the structure and content. The goal is that you can follow up on a successful investor call by immediately sharing a data room that is consistent and well organized. It takes time to build a high-quality repository and we will work with you to do so prior to kicking off the outreach process.

Operational Fundraising

Fundraising is a structured process. Founders will need more than 100 investor contacts and must competently manage ongoing investor communication throughout the diligence and funding process. We will provide guidance on building a target list and provide best practices on operation fundraising. Our goal is to give you a pragmatic and realistic view of the time and effort required to successfully raise capital.

Let our experts guide the way.

A strong fundraising strategy and rigorous due diligence are essential for energy tech startups to secure the necessary capital, demonstrate their growth potential, and address risks and concerns. By approaching fundraising strategically and conducting thorough due diligence, startups can position themselves for success in the competitive energy tech industry.


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