The first in our series of signature startup programs, BRITEbase is an intensive twelve-week accelerator for advancing startups towards funding readiness by developing and refining their business roadmaps across six critical areas of strategic development. 

Why BRITEbase?

The mission of BRITEbase is to guide energy tech startups to a refined state of funding readiness with defined business foundations, strategic roadmaps, pitches and go-to-market strategies that will advance them to funding and industry opportunities within BRITE’s network and programs. Graduating participants emerge from BRITEbase with increased awareness of their competitive and industry landscapes, specific funding requirements and business development needs. BRITEbase is fully virtual, so it can be completed from anywhere. 

Program Fit

At a minimum, we require your company to have…

Your company will get the most out of BRITEbase if you…

Application Process & Timeline

Introductory/Assessment Interview

All prospective participants will engage in a 30-minute introductory/assessment interview to determine if the program is the right fit. Prospective participants who move on to engage in the program will complete another assessment interview when they complete the program.

Acceptance and Onboarding

Following program acceptance, companies will become acquainted with BRITE’s team, systems and services.

Companies will also receive a suite of BRITEbase program materials designed to enable participants success throughout the program.

Active participants will have access to a personal digital folder to store work completed during the program

BRITEbase Program Entry

Due to the rolling nature of the program, companies will have the opportunity to begin the program when it fits within their schedule. 

Typically, the 12-week session occurs four times a year. Companies that do not join at the exact beginning of one of these sessions will be able to complete the program as it rolls into the next 12 weeks. 

More resources

Have more questions? Download our program syllabus to learn more about BRITEbase. 

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