This Springfield Startup is Using 3D Printing to Change the Manufacturing Industry

SKULD LLC 3D printed technology

The 3D printing industry is seeing influx of growth and demand. One Springfield startup is embracing the technology and using it to bring a cost-saving, environmentally friendly alternative to the manufacturing industry. Skuld LLC is an advanced materials company focused on new metal manufacturing processes. The startup provides casting and affordable 3D printing for low […]

In Ohio, Electric Cars are Starting to Reshape Jobs and Companies

Electric Car manufacturing on an assembly line

Ohio produces more internal combustion engines than any other state, making an adjustment to electric cars particularly urgent. Nearly 90,000 people work in Ohio for carmakers or parts suppliers, and several times that many are employed by businesses that serve those autoworkers and their families. The changes are putting Ohio at the forefront of a […]

Highlighting the Valley’s EV Future

A Business journal Daily report about BRITE

In the MidMarch issue of The Business Journal, take a look at the work being done to incubate EV startups at BRITE Energy Innovators in Warren and see how Greenwood Chevrolet in Austintown is preparing for new EV models and the growing EV demand. To view the story, visit