Honeywell Strengthens Safety for Lithium-Ion Batteries and Electric Vehicle Workers

Autoworkers inspecting cars on an assembly line in a factory

Global electric vehicle (EV) sales have been surging, with 10 million sold in 2022 and 35% predicted growth by the end of this year.[1] Rising EV adoption and increased lithium-ion (li-ion) battery production raise safety concerns. Li-ion batteries that power EVs can lead to dangerous “thermal runaway” incidents causing intense and prolonged electrical fires. Workers assembling batteries face […]

Columbus-based startup uses tech developed in Akron to help prevent electrical grid blackouts

A City of Akron refuse truck with a white exacter cone mounted on top to take readings from power lines along the truck's route.

A Columbus-based tech startup that started in Akron aims to help electric companies better monitor and maintain their distribution systems and has found a partner in North Carolina that’s helping it gain traction nationally. The Columbus company, Exacter, was started with technology from the University of Akron and the University of Akron Research Foundation. It […]