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Brite Energy Innovators-Sweeney announce partnership

Alexa Sweeney on the news discussing partnership with BRITE Energy Innovators

Ohio’s only energy incubator announced a generous donation in Warren. One, they say, will give a big boost to Ohio entrepreneurs.

Brite Energy Innovators helps to support energy entrepreneurs.
Thursday, Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC donated $10,000 to Brite to make sure these energy business start-ups continue to flourish in the Mahoning Valley.

“This is really an investment and a partnership between Sweeney Chevrolet Buick GMC and Brite to invest in our shared EV future. We are committed to what General Motors is building in future EV vehicles and this helps that entire community make that investment in the future,” said Alexa Sweeney.

The CEO of Brite says the state matches all donated funds which spurs economic growth in other ways as well.

“For every dollar we get in from those entrepreneur programs we actually put about $24 back into the community,” said Brite CEO, Rick Stockburger.

The money will allow Brite to help mentor these energy start-ups. So far, they say they’ve assisted over 600 new tech startups in Ohio and connected them to investors.

“We do this in a couple of ways, by helping mentor companies in their early stages and we find capital for them. That capital comes from all over the country, all over the world and we bring that to the Mahoning Valley and the state of Ohio,” added Stockburger.

After those cash connections are made they are given access to their testing labs in Warren.
It’s all part of a continuing initiative to make what used to be the rust-belt more of a tech-belt.

Read the article by WFMJ here.

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