BRITE Energy Labs

Welcome to the BRITE Energy Labs, testing and development labs in Warren, Ohio suitable for testing all manner of energy related devices and systems.

We can test your device for you and report results, using your protocols, or one we might recommend. Using VPN technology and our 1G internet connection, you can connect to your experiment remotely and monitor progress. Or, you can bring your device to the BEL and conduct the testing yourself using our equipment.

We’re centrally located less than an hour’s drive from Akron, Canton, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh. All testing is done in confidence, and you maintain all ownership in your intellectual property. We want to make it easy for you to test and get results!

What can we test?

DC devices (batteries, fuel cells, photovoltaics, storage devices, controllers, instruments) from 25kW down to microwatts. IOT circuits and devices. AC devices (motors, generators, controllers, circuit breakers, instruments, appliances, lighting) from 100kW 480-3-phase to household. Microgrid devices (circuit breakers, controllers, inverters, instruments) and actual microgrid setting with simulated grid transients. Our wet lab, circuit prototyping and analysis lab, and full complement of instruments provide development support.


IoT Testing

The BRITE Energy Labs are equipped to test a wide variety of Internet of Things (IoT) components, circuits, and devices. These are usually battery-operated sensors and controllers that operate and report remotely using common or cutting-edge wireless RF.

Our Keysight X8712A performs event-based power consumption analysis on IOT devices, by effortlessly correlating energy usage with RF events. This allows battery and RF protocols selections to be optimized during the development phase.

Our Keysight X8711A measures important RF performance indicators of your IoT device while it is operating normally with production-release software. This ensures that your device is sufficiently tested for manufacturing defects including missing or wrong components, solder issues and more, without the need of complex or expensive test systems.

Microgrid Testing

The BRITE Energy Labs have a complete and functioning 25kW microgrid that includes a grid tied inverter, battery storage, PV interface, AC load bank, and monitoring instruments. All components are connected using a plug-and-play architecture that allows your microgrid component (inverter, circuit breaker, controller,etc.) to be quickly connected in an appropriate place in the circuit. This allows your device to be evaluated in a real-world microgrid setting.

Our NHR 9410 Grid Simulator can also be connected to the microgrid, allowing the system and your microgrid device to be evaluated under a range of grid transients.

Grid Simulation and AC Testing

A wide variety of instruments are available for evaluating and testing AC devices. The NHR 9410 Grid Simulator can be used to impose simulated grid transients (brownouts, blackouts, phase drops, and the like) to your device for observing effects.

Power analyzers and other instruments are available for observing and recording AC power usage, power quality, power factor, and EM emissions and behavior.

Battery Testing

The BRITE Energy Labs support extensive battery and other DC device testing, with multi-channel equipment ranging from milliamps to hundreds of volts and amps. This allows testing of small button cells and batteries used in IOT devices and small circuits and controllers, to larger batteries used in drones, power tools, and automotive, to large batteries used in forklift, EV, and storage applications.

Equipment is completely automated and programmable. This allows batteries to be cycled, their charge, discharge, and deterioration characteristics measured, and their life predicted under conditions that mimic actual service conditions.

Development Support

Our wet lab provides an opportunity for you to design and build your battery or fuel cell in a space with exhaust hoods, scales, glove box, ovens, a furnace and more. The equipment gives you the capacity to build and evaluate a button prototype of your battery.

A wide variety of power analyzers, circuit analyzers, spectrum analyzers, oscilloscopes, power supplies, data loggers, and the like are available to evaluate prototype circuits and troubleshoot electrical devices.

A circuit prototyping bench allows you to build and modify small boards for your energy or IOT device.

Equipment List

IOT Flier

Microgrid Flier

Battery Testing Flier