BRITElights Season One Recap with Randy Cole and Mike Stacey

BRITElights Season One Recap with Mike Stacey and Randy Cole

Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube. This episode of BRITElights, featuring guest host Mike Stacey of KPMG and guest host Randy Cole, BRITE Expert-in-Residence, covered the high and low points of season one, future topics, and ideas for season two. Highlights included insights on electrification from industry leaders like Electrada, Edge Energy, and Foxconn, […]

Green Governance: How FEMP Drives Efficiency in Federal Buildings with Anna Siefken

BRITElights with Anna Siefken

Keywords: startup, federal energy management program, energy efficiency, goals, technologies, workforce Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube In this episode of BRITElights, we are joined by guest host Mike Stacey of KPMG and special guest Anna Siefken, Deputy Director of the Federal Energy Management Program (FEMP) at the Department of Energy (DOE). Anna explains […]

The Frontlines of Change: GSA’s Role in the Clean Energy Revolution with Jetta Wong

BRITElights episode with Jetta Wong

Keywords: science, energy, government, technology, sustainability, market Listen now on Spotify or watch on Youtube. For this episode of BRITElights, we had the pleasure of hosting Jetta Wong, Senior Advisor on Climate at the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA). Pulling from her extensive experience working in and around the federal government in DC, she delves into the government’s […]

Affordable, Reliable, and Sustainable Infrastructure with Dan Killoren

Dan Killoren BRITElights thumbnail

Keywords: electrification, infrastructure, utilities, partnerships, entrepreneurship Listen now on Spotify or watch on Youtube. In this engaging episode of BRITElights, Rick welcomes industry leaders, Mike Stacey, KPMG, and Dan Killoren, EPRI, to delve into the infrastructure of energy transition and the inherent challenges and optimism it brings. Co-host Mike, who spearheads the Zero Emissions Vehicle […]

Forward Faster: Electric Vehicle Manufacturing with Michael Repetto

Michael Repetto

Keywords: electric vehicles, EV market, vehicles, investable number, production numbers, international investment Michael Repetto, Senior Director of the Project Management Office at Foxconn EV Systems, discusses the company’s role as a contract manufacturer in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. There are over 233 hybrid and EV manufacturers in the United States. Starting from scratch to […]

On the Road Again: Electric Vehicle Infrastructure with Jon Holland

Jon Holland

Keywords: electric vehicle infrastructure, grid, chargers, energy, fundraising, technology In this episode of BRITElights, we continue our EV month series with a focus on electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure. Guest Host Randy Cole, who leads the EV strategy at BRITE, introduces the topic and discusses the challenges of expanding existing infrastructure to accommodate EVs. Our special […]

Driving the Mission Home: Aligning Goals with Action in the EV Industry with Irina Filippova

Irina Filippova

Keywords:clean energy revolution, coalescence, evs, infrastructure, power supply, vision, culture, team values, leadership, market segment Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube. Introducing the first episode of our EV Month! Listen as special guest Irina Filippova and guest host Randy Cole kick off our exploration of the electric vehicle (EV) domain by discussing success stories […]

Causing a ruckus to make a difference with Marvin Logan Jr.

Causing a Ruckus to Make a Difference with Marvin Logan Jr.

Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube. Keywords: clean energy revolution, diversity, equity, inclusion, economic transition, grassroots level Passionate about innovation at the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), Marvin Logan Jr. sparks a candid discussion on the integral role DEI plays in the clean energy revolution. Reflecting back on his past experiences with community leadership, he […]

From Marathons to Mental Health: Why Community Matters with Courtney Gras

From Marathons to mental health: Why Community matters with Courtney Gras

Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube. Keywords: clean energy revolution, community, shared values, diverse perspectives, cleantech, startup communities On this episode of BRITElights, we’re delving into the essence of community. Join us as we uncover what truly shapes and defines a community, from shared values to diverse perspectives. Together, we’ll explore the forces that […]