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CHIPS bill impacting Mahoning Valley

Intel to build 2 CHIP plants in Ohio, news break

President Joe Biden signed a landmark bill that provides over 50 billion dollars for U.S. semiconductor production and research. This is in efforts to make the United States more competitive with China’s science and technology. While this has substantial effects in the state of Ohio, the Mahoning Valley will also see a ripple affect from the bill.

“Today is the day for builders,” said President Joe Biden. “Today, America is delivering.”

President Biden signing the CHIP bill which aims to strengthen U.S. competitiveness with China by investing in domestic semiconductor manufacturing and science research.

“Those tiny computer chips, smaller than a fingertip, that are the building blocks for a modern economy powering everything from smartphones to dishwashers, to automobiles,” Biden explained. 

Tuesday’s White House signing ceremony, was attended by tech executives, union presidents and lawmakers from both parties including Republican Senator Rob Portman.

“In America, everything is possible,” said President Biden during Tuesday’s ceremony at the White House. “We can channel all our resources, most of all, we can channel the full talents of all of our people and their greater measure of hope and opportunity for our nation and for the world. To create good jobs, empower workers, grow the economy, not just for the wealthy, but for everyone.”

“We see electric and non electric how important semiconductors are,” said Rick Stockburger, President & CEO of Brite Energy Innovators. “What we need to do is reignite the industrial Midwest and manufacturing. That’s something we have a key ability to do here in the Mahoning Valley.”

Read the entire WFMJ article here.

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