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Equitable Transit, The Last Mile and What It Means For Cleveland

Golden Hour, a concert series for creative endeavoring people

Cleveland Based Arts Collaborative, GREYT CULTURE, to Host +TechTalk on Equitable Transit With Greater Cleveland RTA, Sway Mobility and Share Mobility on Downtown Lakefront, July 21st, 2023.

CLEVELAND, OH — July 19, 2023

A technology discussion on “Equitable Transit and The Last Mile” will take place during GREYT CULTURE’s special edition Golden Hour Concert Series this Friday evening at North Coast Harbor. The speaker series, dubbed +TechTalk, covers all areas of technology currently being built and developed by researchers, entrepreneurs and institutions based in Cleveland.

This month’s dialogue features India Birdsong Terry, CEO of Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA); Michael Peters, President of Sway Mobility; and Ryan McManus, CEO/Founder of SHARE Mobility. The panel will be moderated by Jing Lyon, Entrepreneur Programs Director at BRITE Energy Innovators.

India Birdsong Terry, with her vast experience in public transportation, is steering GCRTA through a transformation. Her commitment to innovation, economic development, and quality service has laid the groundwork for a robust and equitable transportation system in Greater Cleveland.

“Public-private partnerships have repeatedly proven to be effective in addressing gaps in mobility improvement and business connectivity. With its strong economic foundation and vibrant leadership, Cleveland is an ideal environment for such partnerships. We’re excited to explore innovative ways to reconnect employers, residents, and job seekers through public transit,” Terry said.

Michael Peters shared his vision for the future where a diverse array of transportation options caters to the unique needs of every Cleveland resident. “To surpass car ownership, we need affordable, tailored multimodal transport solutions. Through robust public-private partnerships, we can turn Cleveland into a trailblazer in mobility solutions,” Peters stated.

Ohio’s recent $13.5 billion transportation budget, set to boost job creation, enhance public transit, and improve rail safety, is a testament to the state’s commitment to bettering transportation infrastructure. While this serves as a promising leap forward, the panelists will address the remaining challenges and discuss potential solutions.

“Investments in our transportation budget are crucial for Ohio’s economic future. It’s a blueprint for growth, job creation, and infrastructure revitalization,” says Rep. Bride Rose Sweeney (D-Westlake).

The +TechTalk aims to foster insightful dialogue and provide attendees with a glimpse of the future of transportation and mobility in the Cleveland region. The conversation will take cues from international examples such as Vienna and Valencia, where public transit systems have revolutionized mobility.

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