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IoT Device Battery Life Testing

optimize the battery life of your IoT device

The need for convenience and portability has led to increasingly smaller and battery-operated devices. As such, IoT devices developers today face many challenges when it comes to accurately calculating and validating the device’s battery life expectancy. To optimize the battery life of your IoT device, firstly, you need to determine what are the sub-systems that make up your device; for example, RF radio, display, beeper, vibrator etc., and how much current each subsystem will draw until your device’s battery runs out.

Our Keysight X8712A helps you perform event-based power consumption analysis on your IoT device using its power analyzer, RF event detector, and Event-based Power Analysis Software.
It captures RF and/or DC events from your IoT device, synchronously matching the events to the current consumption and helps you optimize the battery life of your device.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Automated correlation between RF or DC events to power consumption in a single display
  • Individual RF or DC event’s post data analysis providing current consumption in percentage and its occupied time in percentage
  • Battery life estimation
  • Triggering function by each channel
  • In-depth current analysis by zones/segments
Detect design weakness with quick and effortless event-based power consumption analysis For battery powered IoT devices, it is important for you to know the critical RF or DC events that contribute to the power consumption and the frequency of these events. You will also need to know when these events happen. The X8712A automatically correlates critical RF or DC events of your device to the power consumed to help you to quickly identify the areas that are consuming the most current. The KS833A1A Event-based Power Analysis software calculates how much time the RF or DC event occupies and how much current it consumes, and also allows you to view the estimated battery life to give you a relative measure of battery drawdown.

What IoT Battery Life Tasks Can Be Performed?

  • Estimate battery life and/or determine battery size of your IoT device
  • Determine what current is pulled during different operations of your device
  • Detect design weaknesses in your IoT device
  • Measure timing of IoT events and correlate to power.