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IoT Device RF Performance Testing

Ensure Your Device's Performance

For IoT device manufacturers, the manufacturing test stage is critical, especially after the final assembly of your IoT device. Field failures would cause customer dissatisfaction, or worse product recalls where your brand and reputation will be affected. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that you are shipping good products to your customers that are performing as per intended design and specifications.
Our Keysight X8711A is a unique, cost-effective, integrated solution which measures important RF performance indicators of your IoT device while it is operating normally with production-release software. This ensures that your device is sufficiently tested for manufacturing defects including missing or wrong components, solder issues and more.

Key Features & Specifications

  • Complete transmit (Tx) power and receiver (Rx) Packet Error Rate (PER) test in seconds
  • Objectively measure key transmitter and receiver parameters with quantitative measurements, ensuring device quality and performance
  • Easily perform Bluetooth® Low Energy 4.2 and WLAN b/g/n signaling power measurements with measurement suites that include test steps

What IoT Battery Life Tasks Can Be Performed?

Miniaturization of IoT devices eliminates test points, making contact testing impossible. With the X8711A’s over-the-air signaling test capability, you do not need to take your device apart or change its firmware to a test firmware. All test setup complexities and opportunities for error associated with physical connections or firmware changes are removed, so you can reduce time and cost of test development.

Assure that your devices meet quality levels

The X8711A objectively measures key transmitter and receiver parameters which would be affected by manufacturing defects with quantitative measurements of RF signals, such as the Input Power measurement and receiver sensitivity tests.

Simplify test development

With the TAP-based measurement suites with readily available test steps for Bluetooth® 4.2 signaling and WLAN b/g/n signaling, you can easily adjust test parameters to suit your testing needs using the KS8400A TAP Developer System and quickly perform the functional tests on your IoT devices without needing to spend time writing test software.

Maximize throughput on the manufacturing line and accelerate time to market. The X8711A is easy to setup and completes the Input Power measurement and receiver (Rx) PER tests in seconds.

What IOT RF Performance Tasks that can be performed at BRITE?

  • Measure RF transmitter and receiver parameters of your IoT device
  • Perform Packet Error Rate tests
  • Evaluate compliance to Bluetooth 4.2 and WLAN specs

BRITE Labs also has the capability to run IoT testing servers in our VR3100 server rack. This server rack comes with a UPS system, the Liebert PSI5, as well as a battery bank for uninterrupted power.