Introducing the BRITEnetwork

BRITEnetwork is the fastest growing network of businesses and communities seeking the competitive advantage through the current energy revolution, the biggest economic transition in history.

Within the BRITEnetwork, participating members gain curated access to the technologies, people, funding opportunities and real-time resources that will empower them to successfully navigate their strategic and economic futures.

The Network Advantage

Funding Opportunities: First-to-know access to public/private opportunities including non-dilutive funding.

Industry Insights: Refined reports and recaps to keep you current and in-the-know on emerging industry and market trends.

Exclusive Networking: Meet the people you need to know. Scheduled events with innovators, thought leaders and industry experts.

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Members typically experience a return on their annual membership through opportunity within the same year of their annual term. Opportunities are facilitated by the BRITE Network but provide no guarantee or assumption of liability. Benefits are member exclusive, provided directly to members, and are not intended for digital distribution outside of the network. Membership renews on a monthly basis until the user opts out of recurring membership. Tech Belt Energy Innovation Center, dba BRITE Energy Innovators, is a tax exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 27-2660738).