Startups draw on data-driven insights to slash the costs of EV ownership

EV car at a dealership

Most U.S. car buyers aren’t getting a fair deal on the loans they take out to buy EVs, according to Alex Liegl, co-founder and CEO of electric-vehicle financing startup Tenet — and he’s got the data to back it up.  For example, why don’t loans take into account the federal tax credits and state and utility incentives […]

Resources for Transitioning into an Energy Tech Career

A group of people working on a wind turbine

Canary Media’s Climate Meets Culture column explores the intersection of energy, climate and culture at large. So you want to work in climatetech? Good! We need you. As someone who has worked in the space for close to a decade (though it was called cleantech or greentech back when I got started), I can attest to how exciting it is […]