Driving the Mission Home: Aligning Goals with Action in the EV Industry with Irina Filippova

Irina Filippova

Keywords:clean energy revolution, coalescence, evs, infrastructure, power supply, vision, culture, team values, leadership, market segment Listen on Spotify or watch on Youtube. Introducing the first episode of our EV Month! Listen as special guest Irina Filippova and guest host Randy Cole kick off our exploration of the electric vehicle (EV) domain by discussing success stories […]

Fire Authorities Adopt Early Thermal Runaway Detection Technology

Li-ion tamer technology

For backup power systems, a de facto industry standard is increasingly being installed in Battery Energy Storage Systems to help tame the dangers of thermal runaway. At data centers across the United States, demand for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is rapidly increasing. Comprised of an interconnected series of batteries, BESS are self-contained, rechargeable battery […]

Dayton startup purchases 32,000-square-foot manufacturing plant

SKULD LLC 3D printed technology

A foundry and manufacturing facility closed more than five years ago will reopen with the operation of a growing Dayton-area startup. With operation to begin later this spring, the startup is preparing to launch a new system with plans to expand capacity and employment over the next few years. Skuld LLC is set to open […]