Third startup from ScriptDrop co-founder aims to make AI chatbots private, user-friendly

Technician writes AI code on laptop

Three entrepreneurs who’ve sold startups before are building “approachable AI” to make tools such as ChatGPT and Bing more user friendly and less fraught with privacy and other concerns. Kallo LLC has attracted some 120 users in a soft launch without all of its planned functionality. The three founders were independently looking into the trend they […]

EV Charging Expansion in Midwest

Plugged in electric car in at a EV charging station

EdgeEnergy has formalized an agreement with M&M Mid-Valley, a service and supply provider for fueling retailers, to implement 40 ultra-fast EV charging stations across nine Midwest states, leveraging EdgeEnergy’s innovative EdgeEV power source. This collaboration aims to address the escalating demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions by facilitating the installation of charging stations without necessitating extensive power grid upgrades. […]

The climate case for a career in mining

Mining Crew on Site

The clean energy transition requires minerals mining, but young workers are reluctant to join an industry known for exploitation. Mansur Arief never imagined himself working in mining. As an artificial intelligence researcher finishing a PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, he developed safety algorithms for self-driving cars. But then he took a postdoctoral position at Stanford University, where […]

BRITE Powers Change to Cleaner, Brighter Future

Warren, Ohio

WARREN, Ohio – BRITE Energy Innovators plans to build off its success in 2023 by continuing to provide programs that leverage economic development and job creation through clean energy initiatives and technological advances. “As we step into 2024, we see a future full of potential,” says Victoria Rusu, strategic partnership director.  BRITE, a 501(c)3 based […]

Building a BRITE Future

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