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Accelerate Wind’s Cost-Effective Solution

AccelerateWind technology

Renewable energy has the potential to provide both environmental benefits and considerable energy cost savings for commercial and industrial building owners. But, so far, the focus has been on solar panels. While wind turbines have the potential to deliver even more renewable energy, they are more complicated to make cost effective. This is where Accelerate Wind saw an opportunity. When the company’s on-premises fluid dynamics compute facilities were proving to be a bottleneck for rapid development, Amazon EC2 instances powered by AMD EPYC processors provided the power and flexibility Accelerate Wind wanted to take its turbine technology to the next level.

Read the case study about how Accelerate Wind deployed 384-core Amazon EC2 Hpc6a instances powered by 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors to reduce its computational fluid dynamics simulation times from 4 hours to 12 minutes, dramatically improving its ability to deliver power- and cost-optimized building-top wind turbine designs.

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Read the article by Access Wire here.

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