Company with Valley ties makes strides with ‘dual-fuel’ charger

A southern California-based hydrogen technology company founded and led by Warren native Angelo Kafantaris has launched a mobile electric-vehicle battery refueling station for hydrogen- and battery-powered EVs. What’s called the Hyper:Fuel Mobile Station builds on Hyperion Motors Inc.’s energy infrastructure platform that already includes the XP-1, a hydrogen / electric-powered supercar built to illustrate why, […]

Hyperion Unveils Mobile Station to Solve EV Infrastructure Puzzle

Hyperion Motors, Inc., a hydrogen technology company, announced the launch of its Hyper:Fuel Mobile Stations, capable of refueling both hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs) and battery electric vehicles (BEVs). The mobilized refueling station will be available across the nation, and can be easily deployed and redeployed when driving patterns change. Previously, Hyperion revealed its […]

Accelerate Wind’s Cost-Effective Solution

Renewable energy has the potential to provide both environmental benefits and considerable energy cost savings for commercial and industrial building owners. But, so far, the focus has been on solar panels. While wind turbines have the potential to deliver even more renewable energy, they are more complicated to make cost effective. This is where Accelerate […]

Northeast Ohio Startup Ecosystem Supports NEOEx

Mark Haberbusch has always been a dreamer. And his biggest dream is finally taking flight. Nearly three decades ago, the Case Western Reserve University graduate, who studied fluid and thermal engineering science and designed high-altitude aircraft, had an idea. Haberbusch was cutting his grass at his Amherst home when he stopped and looked up. “I […]

Inside Hyperion’s Futuristic Hydrogen-Powered XP-1

HYPERION has unveiled its new hydrogen-powered XP-1 hypercar with a staggering 2,038 horsepower and 1,000-mile range at the Los Angeles Auto show. The spirit of this vehicle’s thrilling performance is reflected in its design, which looks like a Bugatti-inspired Batmobile. The XP-1’s shape is reminiscent of Bugatti’s Veyron, and other elements like the car’s panoramic […]

Rocking Solar Participates in National Initiative to Meet Sustainability Goals

The General Services Administration is exploring several energy technologies to help federal agencies and buildings adhere to goals set in President Joe Biden’s December 2021 executive order promoting federal leadership in sustainability.  GSA’s Center for Emerging Building Technology launched its Applied Innovation Learning Laboratory project at the Bean Federal Center in Indianapolis to test off-grid […]

Startups draw on data-driven insights to slash the costs of EV ownership

Most U.S. car buyers aren’t getting a fair deal on the loans they take out to buy EVs, according to Alex Liegl, co-founder and CEO of electric-vehicle financing startup Tenet — and he’s got the data to back it up.  For example, why don’t loans take into account the federal tax credits and state and utility incentives […]

Entrepreneurs look to help create cleaner energy solution with help from NASA

OHIO — Finding sustainable solutions to our energy needs has some entrepreneurs in Ohio looking skyward. Petra Power is converting NASA technology for use here on earth. The company’s co-founders, Phillip Clift and Aaron Goodman, were awarded a license from NASA to help commercialize solid oxide fuel cells, electrochemical devices that turn the chemical energy […]

Weary of Snarls, Small Businesses Build Their Own Supply Chains

What’s more stressful than a nightmare you can’t wake up from? For Ken Rosenblood, it’s watching ships, tiny dots on a radar, stuck at sea, unable to deliver the lifeblood of your company. That’s how he remembers the early days of the pandemic. His company, obVus Solutions, produces ergonomic office equipment, and his laptop stands […]

Ohio counting on electric vehicles to charge economy and save auto jobs

CLEVELAND, Ohio – The shift from gasoline-fueled engines to fully electric vehicles could be an opportunity, and a threat, to Ohio’s economy. But there’s reason to believe the Buckeye State is in the driver’s seat. Automakers are spending billions of dollars to shift from gasoline. Electric vehicle manufacturing could create thousands of new jobs, but […]