40 Presenters for 2024 NREL Industry Growth Forum Aim To Break Ground in Cleantech

industry growth forum

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) announced the list of 40 presenters for the 2024 NREL Industry Growth Forum (IGF) today. The presenters cover a wide range of technologies across the cleantech landscape, but all hope to break new ground as our nation and the global community continue the transformation to a clean […]

Professional Chef Brings the Green Industrial Revolution into the Kitchen

Chef and cook working on their dishes indoors in restaurant kitchen

For years, BRITE member Chef Chris Galarza has been an advocate for induction stoves in commercial kitchens. In the last year, he has made incredible strides forward in that mission, releasing a whole new set of educational materials and creating new industry standards to bring the Green Industrial Revolution into the kitchen. “The truth is that every international culinary […]

Third startup from ScriptDrop co-founder aims to make AI chatbots private, user-friendly

Technician writes AI code on laptop

Three entrepreneurs who’ve sold startups before are building “approachable AI” to make tools such as ChatGPT and Bing more user friendly and less fraught with privacy and other concerns. Kallo LLC has attracted some 120 users in a soft launch without all of its planned functionality. The three founders were independently looking into the trend they […]

EV Charging Expansion in Midwest

Plugged in electric car in at a EV charging station

EdgeEnergy has formalized an agreement with M&M Mid-Valley, a service and supply provider for fueling retailers, to implement 40 ultra-fast EV charging stations across nine Midwest states, leveraging EdgeEnergy’s innovative EdgeEV power source. This collaboration aims to address the escalating demand for electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions by facilitating the installation of charging stations without necessitating extensive power grid upgrades. […]

Fire Authorities Adopt Early Thermal Runaway Detection Technology

Li-ion tamer technology

For backup power systems, a de facto industry standard is increasingly being installed in Battery Energy Storage Systems to help tame the dangers of thermal runaway. At data centers across the United States, demand for Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) is rapidly increasing. Comprised of an interconnected series of batteries, BESS are self-contained, rechargeable battery […]

Dayton startup purchases 32,000-square-foot manufacturing plant

SKULD LLC 3D printed technology

A foundry and manufacturing facility closed more than five years ago will reopen with the operation of a growing Dayton-area startup. With operation to begin later this spring, the startup is preparing to launch a new system with plans to expand capacity and employment over the next few years. Skuld LLC is set to open […]

EdgeEnergy moves headquarters to OTR following $6M fundraise

EdgeEnergy headquarters

A Greater Cincinnati startup to watch is planting deeper roots in the heart of the region after recently closing out a multimillion-dollar capital raise. EdgeEnergy, an electric vehicle infrastructure company, has relocated its corporate headquarters from the West Side to Over-the-Rhine following a $6 million fundraising round. The company is moving into space at Union […]

Acculon Energy Unveils Revolutionary Sodium-Ion Battery Products

Acculon Energy's sodium ion battery

Acculon Energy announces the series production of its sodium-ion battery modules and packs. The company’s sodium-ion-based products are part of a larger roster of advanced battery systems, all designed and developed to create certainty in time-to-market and product certification while granting hardware and software flexibility to suit a range of application specifications. Acculon Energy, a […]

Solar-Friendly Rooftop Wind Turbine Aims To Beat The Odds

An image shows what Accelerate Wind's technology will look like on buildings.

Wind energy innovators have long dreamed of harvesting wind energy from rooftops, but the going has been slow in terms of mass market adoption. That could be about to change. A US startup has come up with a business model that leverages solar industry know-how to help cut the cost of rooftop wind turbine installations, […]