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BRITE Member Participating in Hannover Messe Trade Show

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Company in Hydrogen Fuel Cell Supply Chain Selected for One of World’s Largest Industry Trade Fairs

MemPro USA, Ltd., a valuable metals manufacturing processor, was selected to attend the Hannover Messe Trade Show in Hanover, Germany from April 17-21, 2023. The world’s largest trade show, attendance at the Hannover Messe helps American companies showcase innovative products and solutions to potential buyers from all over the world.

“We are excited to explore collaborations in the Hydrogen industry. We have intellectual property and manufacturing processes that can save the Hydrogen industry $20 Billion over the next few years,” said John Finley, Founder & CEO.

More than 2,500 exhibitors and 66,400 visitors are expected at the trade show. MemPro USA Ltd., was selected to attend on behalf of the Global Business Development Division of the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT), that also provided a State Trade Expansion Program (STEP) to help cover travel and participation costs. Companies selected to attend Hannover Messe with OEDIT will have the opportunity to exhibit at the Colorado booth in the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Hall.

MemPro USA Ltd., also has strong Ohio ties, having collaborated with the University of Akron and being located in Northeast Ohio for well over a decade. The company participates in BRITE’s Signature Startup Programs, specifically BRITEascent, where companies strategize and plan for their next funding raise. “The hydrogen economy and the scaling of its supply chain requires more than just a regional approach,” said Sara Daugherty, Chief of Staff. “Our members work through the Appalachian Regional Clean Energy Hub (ARCH2), which BRITE is a member of, and other initiatives to be globally competitive with regional impact.”

About MemPro: MemPro USA Ltd. is a private company incorporated in Colorado with new product activities in Northeast Ohio through a longstanding collaboration with the University of Akron. Since 2001 MemPro has developed manufacturing processes to stretch out limited supplies of valuable metals—catalysts like iridium and platinum—by as much as 2,000%. MemPro’s research and development activities have been funded by private investors and the National Science Foundation.
In 2022 MemPro entered into a collaboration Oregon State University, which had developed a breakthrough catalyst to reduce the cost of producing green hydrogen with technical assistance from Cornell University, Université Catholique de Louvain and Argonne National Laboratory. A supplier to the electrolyzer industry is now collaborating with MemPro In product development.

MemPro intends to begin manufacturing a low-cost component used within electrolyzers to save the industry $20 billion in CAPEX by 2030 and greatly improve the efficiency of splitting water to produce hydrogen. MemPro’s manufacturing processes have applications in other industries including fuel cells, sensors, manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Learn more at

For more information on MemPro, please reach out to John Finley, CEO, at or (303) 204-5375

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