GBA and Regional Partners Launch Appalachian Sustainable Products Network, Issue call for Manufacturers toParticipate in No-Cost Product Life Cycle Assessment

Wood planks s for walls and beams in the construction of a new sustainable wooden house.

ASPN will equip Upper Appalachia to meet increasing residential and commercial sectordemand for the products and materials used to construct, renovate, and operate healthy,energy-efficient buildings and infrastructure, and connect buildings to a cleaner grid PITTSBURGH (March 25, 2024) — The Green Building Alliance (GBA), together with West VirginiaUniversity, including WVU Extension and Vantage Ventures; Catalyst […]

The climate case for a career in mining

Mining Crew on Site

The clean energy transition requires minerals mining, but young workers are reluctant to join an industry known for exploitation. Mansur Arief never imagined himself working in mining. As an artificial intelligence researcher finishing a PhD at Carnegie Mellon University, he developed safety algorithms for self-driving cars. But then he took a postdoctoral position at Stanford University, where […]

Biden administration announces tech hubs in Pennsylvania, Ohio to boost economic growth

Macro pictures of an integrated circuit on a black PCB with a processor and semiconductors

Part of the CHIPS and Science act, which was signed into law last year, the hubs are expected to increase national security and job creation and help communities across the country become centers critical to the country’s competitiveness with China. The Biden administration today announced the formation of 32 hubs that will “catalyze investment in […]

From Milestones to Self-Transformation: My 40-Year Journey Around the Sun

BRITE President and CEO with his family

Author: Rick Stockburger, BRITE President & CEO In the world of startups, we often emphasize the significance of reaching milestones. Today, I’d like to kick off this blog with a personal milestone of my own. As of this writing, on the crisp morning of October 26, 2023, I have completed 40 revolutions around the sun. […]

The Future of Energy: The Shift Towards Sustainability

Panelists and moderator on stage at a GREYT CULTURE event

Conversations on the Future of Energy with Innovation Experts In a rapidly changing world, discussions about the future of energy have never been more critical. On June 23, 2023, atop the Electric Gardens rooftop in Cleveland, Ohio, a thought-provoking dialogue unfolded during the “Golden Hour Tech Talk.” This captivating conversation, moderated by BRITE’s Expert-in-Residence, Randy […]

Paving the Way to Equitable Transit: A Collaborative Journey

Jing Lyon, India Birdsong Terry, and BRITE member companies standing near Cleveland sign

Conversations on Accessibility and Innovation with Regional Leaders BRITE’s Startup Programs Director Jing Lyon had the opportunity to sit down with India Birdsong Terry of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA), Michael Peters of Sway Mobility, and Ryan McManus of SHARE Mobility and discuss equity in mobility. Kicking off Greyt Culture’s 2023 Golden Hour […]

Ensuring Sustainable Development: A Balanced Look at the Energy Transition

Aerial view of a new autonomous house with solar panels

As the world stands at the cusp of a significant energy shift, the impact of this energy transition on our lives cannot be understated. The move from fossil fuels to renewable, green energy sources is no longer a matter of choice, but rather an inevitable reality. A successful energy transition, however, depends on striking a […]

Revitalizing Manufacturing in the United States: How Entrepreneurs are Leading the Way

Turbine manufacturing factory, gears, nobody

In recent years, there has been a notable resurgence in the manufacturing sector in the United States. Entrepreneurs across the country are playing a crucial role in revitalizing this industry, fostering innovation, creating job opportunities, and driving economic growth. This article explores how entrepreneurs are leading the charge in revitalizing manufacturing in the United States […]

Accelerating the Future: The Impact of AI on EV/Mobility and Energy Tech

High Tech Robotic Arm with Artificial Intelligence Computer Processor Unit in its. technician check

The convergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the fields of Electric Vehicles (EV)/Mobility and Energy Technology is poised to revolutionize the way we travel and power our world. AI’s ability to analyze vast amounts of data, optimize systems, and make intelligent decisions is unlocking unprecedented opportunities for innovation, efficiency, and sustainability. This article explores the […]

The Road To Installing 20 Million Public EV Chargers Worldwide

A truck being charged at an EV charger

With the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on roads around the world reaching approximately 200 million by 2030, a reliable and efficient EV charging infrastructure is also required to keep them moving. Estimates vary from source to source, but to maintain the ideal charger-to-vehicle ratio – one public charger for every 10 to 15 cars — […]

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