BRITE Celebrates Voltage Valley at LA Auto Show

President and CEO of BRITE, Rick Stockburger, didn’t want to miss the unveiling of Hyperion Motor’s Refueling Station and the showcase of the Endurance by Lordstown Motors and INDI EV that will be produced in Warren, Ohio by Foxconn. Check out his thoughts on the show in this special video.

How will the Inflation Reduction Act spur job creation for the climate tech sector?

Employment. A concept created by humanity that has haunted our species for thousands of years. Since the Mesopotamians discovered irrigation and ceased humanity’s nomadic existence, regimes have risen and fallen, religions have blossomed and wilted into obscurity, and thousands of useless dieting trends to vanquish belly fat have gone viral and been debunked. But the […]

Electric Vehicles: Policies to Help America Lead

Earlier this year, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released a groundbreaking report commissioned by Third Way and Breakthrough Energy finding that strategic investments in six key clean energy technologies could yield massive and lasting benefits for the US economy. Why the US Should Compete in the EV Market  Earlier this year, Boston Consulting Group (BCG) released a groundbreaking […]

Resources for Transitioning into an Energy Tech Career

Canary Media’s Climate Meets Culture column explores the intersection of energy, climate and culture at large. So you want to work in climatetech? Good! We need you. As someone who has worked in the space for close to a decade (though it was called cleantech or greentech back when I got started), I can attest to how exciting it is […]

BRITE Fabrication Lab

Thanks to the support of the Economic Development Administration (EDA) and the funds provided under the Project: 0679-06288, BRITE Energy Labs has been able to expand our capabilities and services to support prototyping and fabrication development for our entrepreneur members and the developers of our community. We have recently opened our Fabrication Lab and outfitted […]

An intern’s experience at BRITE Energy Labs

One of my favorite summers was spent interning at BRITE Energy Innovators. Being an intern at  BRITE’s LABS has encouraged me to develop and learn more than previously.  After 12 weeks of employment at BRITE, I can confidently state that this organization is unique in terms  of both culture and mission. A variety of testing […]

A Word on Our Proud Partnership with Heartland Climate Tech

In 2021, the Heartland Climate Tech Partnership was founded with the mission of scaling “commercialization of innovative climate tech and clean energy businesses across the Greater Midwest Region”. The partnership works to achieve this goal by improving collaboration among the various resources that exist to support climate tech and clean energy entrepreneurs across the Midwest. […]

An Entrepreneur’s Journey – Jing Lyon

BRITE’s Entrepreneur Programs Director, Jing Lyon was featured in Fall 2022 Edition of Case Western University’s Case Alumnus Magazine. Here is her story of her college journey. I started my journey at Case certain that I was going into healthcare, even if I wasn’t sure exactly what that meant. I took classes across different departments […]

University-Industry partnerships: how to work together to win non-dilutive Air Force funding

The Academic Partnership Engagement Experiment, also known as APEX, is a Department of the Air Force (DAF) partnership intermediary managed by the 501(c)(3) non-profit Parallax Advanced Research. The program is dedicated to connecting universities, businesses, and the government to collaboratively innovate the next generation of science and technology that advances U.S. national security. APEX is […]