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Paving the Way to Equitable Transit: A Collaborative Journey

Jing Lyon, India Birdsong Terry, and BRITE member companies standing near Cleveland sign

Conversations on Accessibility and Innovation with Regional Leaders

BRITE’s Startup Programs Director Jing Lyon had the opportunity to sit down with India Birdsong Terry of the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority (GCRTA), Michael Peters of Sway Mobility, and Ryan McManus of SHARE Mobility and discuss equity in mobility.

Kicking off Greyt Culture’s 2023 Golden Hour Tech Talk, the group shared what comes to mind when considering equitable transit. Though each participant brought a different perspective, a common message stood out: improving transportation accessibility empowers people with life-changing opportunities. Guided by this shared vision, they work collectively towards a future where transportation is accessible and equitable for everyone. Both SHARE Mobility and Sway Mobility have made great strides in achieving this goal by partnering with GCRTA to launch innovative pilot projects across the Greater Cleveland region.

SHARE Mobility is currently engaging in an active pilot project in Solon, providing last-mile service from bus lines to jobs. By partnering with GCRTA, SHARE has swiftly expanded its reach, helping more employees access reliable transportation. Sway Mobility’s partnership with the GCRTA involved providing electric vehicles as a car-share service for The Centers. Through these partnerships, the GCRTA, SHARE Mobility, and Sway Mobility have created customized solutions that encourage the use of alternative transportation methods.

Even with the vast success of these pilot programs, some challenges persist in increasing access to equitable transit. Their main difficulty, the panelists agreed, is educating the community about the benefits of alternative transportation methods.

By fostering increased education and promoting ongoing successes through pilot programs led by SHARE Mobility and Sway Mobility, the momentum toward creating a more equitable transit ecosystem will continue to grow. To support this movement, get involved, experience these programs firsthand, and share your valuable feedback. In doing so, you’ll be contributing to the development of a more inclusive and balanced transportation system in Cleveland and Northeast Ohio.

Watch the full Golden Hour Tech Talk:

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