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Cincinnati’s Electrada Partners with Mitsubishi HC Capital America

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Mitsubishi HC Capital America has teamed up with Electrada to launch an innovative EV Charging-as-a-Service (CaaS) to support vehicle OEMs and commercial customers, addressing a critical need for reliable, managed on-site charging solutions to spur broader electric vehicle (EV) adoption. This partnership merges Mitsubishi HC Capital America’s financing expertise for vehicle electrification with Electrada’s leading-edge electric fuel solutions designed for fleets, underscoring a holistic approach to electrification. Aimed at making the transition to electric vehicles smoother, the service promises a comprehensive infrastructure solution that mitigates the risks associated with energy components of EV fleets, offering fixed-rate, pre-negotiated CaaS payments. This end-to-end service model, highlighted by its first commercialization through Autocar, LLC, is poised to streamline vehicle electrification for fleets, significantly reducing operating costs and carbon emissions.

For more details on how Mitsubishi HC Capital America and Electrada are pioneering EV charging solutions, visit the full article at Morningstar.

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