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Cleveland startup bringing innovative, transformable electric bikes to the market

LAND moto e-bikes and battery units

CLEVELAND — When you think electric vehicles, most people think trucks and cars, but EV consumption isn’t just automobiles.

For example, U.S. trade data shows electric bikes outselling electric cars in recent years, says Edward Benjamin, chairman of the Light Electric Vehicle Association.

While the EV industry is still finding its footing, Northeast Ohio stands to jump in early.

There is something electrifying about seeing the city from the seat of a bike, but this isn’t your granddad’s bike.

Scott Colosimo is the CEO of LAND, and says he gets a lot of people asking him about the bikes while out riding around.

“That’s something we had to get used to,” he smiled.

LAND is a Cleveland startup that makes two-wheel electric vehicles and batteries.

“For what we designed the bikes to do, which is around town, in-city fun, and short highway jaunts, this is the best thing that exists to do that,” said Colosimo.

Their headquarters, inside a historic industrial space on the city’s west side, reflects the modern-vintage spin they’ve put on the classic that rolls out of there.

Colosimo says their electric bikes are different from others on the market.

“The first thing is we make one vehicle that can transform from a bike to a moped to a motorcycle through software,” he explained. “So, there’s no physical changes needed.”

And the bikes use swappable batteries that plug into standard outlets to charge.

In 2020, Colosimo and his team pivoted from making gas motorcycles to electric. They have a factory in Gordon Square that just recently opened 14,000 square feet of newly renovated space.

“We’ve had a good issue, which you always want as a business, which is more demand than you have the ability to meet,” said Colosimo, pointing to a line of bikes fresh off the assembly line awaiting shipment to customers.

While the EV market is still emerging, it’s expected to be a game-changer worldwide.

Over the next six years, U.S.-produced EVs are projected to almost triple, and Northeast Ohio is poised to capitalize on the opportunity by building off its automotive infrastructure and manufacturing might, says Team NEO.

“What that’s led to is a really, really heavily embedded supply chain,” said Jacob Duritsky with Team NEO.

Team NEO is the region’s economic development partner. Duritsky says 17 of the top 20 suppliers to the EV process are concentrated in Northeast Ohio.

“It’s having those conversations with established companies, you know, what else can you be doing to support a new and emerging industry here,” Duritsky explained. “These are the jobs that for the next 10, 20, 30 years that are going to be prevalent here. How do we take advantage of those?”

“I say we leaned into what Northeast Ohio is really good at,” said Colosimo while walking around his facility.

With his daughter in hand, Colosimo says LAND is about the future and the next generation of power.

“The bigger vision is around this energy freedom,” he said — freedom to create and contribute to the EV ecosystem, which has the potential to drive innovation and economic growth for years to come.

“We found our niche; it’s a fairly large niche, it’s a growing niche, and we’re squarely staying within that,” said Colosimo.

If you’re curious about Land Motos, he says to give them a call and stop by for a demo ride.

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